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We pride ourselves on offering only the best quality products for horse and rider including Back on Track performance tack and gear & care products, EquiVibe whole body vibration therapy. We are located at Botsford Performance Horses, a top quality boarding, lesson and training facility just north of Grand Rapids in Sparta, Michigan. Come visit us or call at (616) 437-5809 and we will help you and your horse enjoy the happiest and healthiest relationship ever! 

Back on Track products, endorsed by professionals in the horse industry and human health care fields are backed by science and personal testimonials. The benefits are real and welcome, especially during the extreme temperature seasons. Let Back on Track be a regular part of your and your horses routine and discover its ability to * Ease Swelling & Inflammation * Speed up Recovery Time * Prevent Injuries  * Increase Blood Circulation * Keep Muscles Loose * Warm-Up Muscles & Joints * Reduce Stiffness * Ease Pain * Calm Stress * & Encourage Relaxation *


Before competing, vibration therapy provides an optimal substitute to a traditional warm up. Using this alternative allows muscles to be stimulated and prepared for significant movement without the substantial energy exertion that comes with traditional exercises.

If an injury does occur and a horse is unable to exercise, a decrease in bone density is likely to occur. Horses experience a loss of minerals because they are lacking stimulation to the bones to signal a need to retain these minerals. However, this may be prevented with the use of EquiVibe vibration therapy, which provides significant stimulus to the bones and helps prevent loss of bone density during prolonged periods of inactivity.

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