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Neck Brace (Turtle Neck Dickey Bib)


Whiplash Sufferers Gain Relief from our Neck Brace’s Gentle Warmth Therapy


For neck pain related to whiplash or other injury, our Neck Brace with Velcro™ can offer relief. We designed it in co-operation with the Swedish Patient Rehabilitation Organization, specifically for whiplash sufferers. With our state-of-the art, ceramic powder-infused Welltex fabric; you’ll experience soft, relaxing warmth when you wear this brace. The fabric works with your natural body warmth by reflecting it as a far infrared wave, a form of energy that has documented pain relieving effect. This reflected warmth, may help reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation and hasten the healing process.


The neck piece fastens around your neck with Velcro™. For best results, we recommend that you wear our Neck Brace with Velcro™ in direct contact with your skin. If you also have shoulder pain, combine with our T-shirt or Long Sleeve Shirt for maximum benefit.

Black only.


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